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    Simply Red have over a billion hits on You Tube, have sold over 60 million albums worldwide, 5 going to number one in the UK. Their 1991 classic Stars was the best-selling album for two years running in Britain and Europe. They have had two US Billboard chart toppers with classic singles Holding Back The Years and If You Don’t Know Me By Now. Every Simply Red studio album has been a UK top ten (with previous release Big Love reaching number 4 in 2015). Hucknall has been the songwriter and bandleader since the beginning in 1985, aided since 1986 by long-serving saxophonist Ian Kirkham. The current line-up of Simply Red has remained consistent since 2003. “I wouldn’t like to say I am Simply Red but obviously, as the singer and songwriter, there couldn’t be a band without me. I love the romantic idea of groups that stick together but I am also drawn to looser jazz, reggae and R’n’B band structures, where different musicians bring different flavours.” He is at pains to stress that this is more than just a brand. “I’ve done solo albums but I have a great respect for the musicians I work with, and we play as a band. I don’t want any ambiguity about it. Simply Red encapsulates what we do together.”
    “In many ways, music is a young man’s sport. All I can do is make music that means something to me. I’m happy with this album. It’s feeling pretty good. And I’m looking forward to playing it live because it is real.

    Blue Eyed Soul is the sound of Simply Red firing on all cylinders. “At this stage of my career, I could do one of these dark reflective albums looking back on my life and all that kind of stuff that people tend to do at a certain age. But I thought sod that. I wanted to make something punchy. I want to have a good time. I’m not saying it’s my last album, because I’ve got no thoughts of stopping. But when I go out, I want to go out with a bang.”

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